Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Step Into Blogging

Hey there. I'm David D. or otherwise known as DarkShadow8181. I had an account here a long while ago, and now have decided to use it a bit... so yeah. A bit about myself, I am quite a big fan of cartoons, mostly those from the 20's-the late 40's, and the ones I grew up with in the 90's. As for music, I'm a bit of a fan of Ska, 8bit, and Rock/Alternative, as well as genres. I'm a 17 year old kid in New York, and hope to become a better cartoonist. That should be a fair enough introduction...

To start things off on a good side, over at I will be posting my very own comic adventure titled "The Adventures of EmoLad" As well as several random comics part of "Misc. Candy", all on the Comics section at Mediamuffin. Here's The first of many Misc. Candy comics.

On this blog I will probably post and talk about a bunch of my art, animations, things I find and/or like that I think are worth mentioning at the time, etc.

Hokay then, thanks for visiting this blog, and hopefully you'll stick around for future posts. *thumbs up*

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